Cancer is scary.
Your life doesn’t have to be.

Cancer Kinship guides cancer patients through and after their treatments, helping them regain control of their lives and well-being, and reducing their risks of disease recurrence.

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Connect with a cancer veteran and receive individualized guidance.

Set personalized goals and attend educational and support programs to tackle long-term survival.

Unite with a network of cancer survivors and engage in wellness activities together.

Did You Know?

Many resources are raised and expended on cancer awareness, prevention, and research, but little is being done to address the physical, emotional and psychosocial effects of cancer. Transitioning as a newly-diagnosed cancer patient to a survivor is a complex process that poses long-term health risks. Many patients report experiencing feelings of fear, dread, distress, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, isolation and loneliness even when they are surrounded by loved ones who support them.

Cancer patients are 3x more likely to develop depression and up to 25% of cancer patients report symptoms of depression.

1 in 4 cancer survivors has a decreased quality of life due to physical problems, and 1 in 10 due to emotional problems.

The suicide risk of those newly diagnosed with cancer is 13x the average of the overall population

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