Programs & Services

The focus of Cancer Kinship’s programs is addressing the psychosocial and emotional implications of a cancer diagnosis and survivorship in order to significantly alleviate distress and mental strain associated with diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment physical and emotional effects.

Our Programs & Services include:

  • Individualized Peer-to-Peer Mentorship that provides hope and encouragement, reduces patient isolation and promotes a sense of belonging

  • Action Planning and Goal Setting that enlist support groups and education programs to help individuals set individualized goals to help them cope, adjust and navigate their “new normal” lives as survivors

  • Well-being Programs that provide a safe space, in a non-clinical setting, for patients and their loved ones to engage in activities that promote healthy behaviors, improve overall wellness and facilitate healthy outlets where survivors can have fun while emotionally supporting one another

Peer-to-Peer Mentorship (for Patients and Survivors)

Cancer Kinship pairs cancer patients to Volunteer Mentors (cancer survivors who are in post-treatment phase or in remission) for one-on-one, individualized support.

Benefits for Participants

  • Receive heightened, personalized support from a cancer survivor who can provide emotional support during the most critical time in a patient’s care continuum

  • Decrease anxieties, distress, fears and apprehensions related to a cancer diagnosis, an impending treatment, surgery, and/or recovery

  • Experience the power of community, and feel safe and comfortable to share personal experiences, express concerns and receive emotional support  from others

Action Planning & Education

Cancer Kinship supports patients entering the uncharted waters of post-treatment survivorship by facilitating action planning, goal-setting and educational workshops. Goals may include: health and wellness, financial, spiritual, and social.

Educational workshops will be offered year-round to further assist and empower patients to achieve their goals by obtaining knowledge, skills, and implementation strategies to help them reach and maintain goals.

Survivor Workshop Topics

  • Understanding Metastatic Cancer

  • Capturing and Sharing Your Personal Cancer Story

  • Managing Stress, Insomnia and Fatigue

  • Healthy Cooking and Nutrition

  • Body Image

  • Intimacy After Cancer

  • Returning to the Workforce

  • Recurrence Fears and Myths

  • Overcoming Fear and Depression

  • Therapeutic Art

  • Cancer and Fertility

  • Fixing My Finances

  • Dating as a Single Survivor

  • Planning for Your Future (401k, Life Insurance, Budgeting, Rebuilding Your Credit, Life Insurance)

  • Understanding Insurance Benefits

  • Managing Symptoms

  • Post-Traumatic Stress

  • Benefits of Volunteering and Giving Back

  • Yoga

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Cancer Survivor Network & Well-being Programs

Cancer Kinship’s Cancer Survivor Network allows cancer survivors to support one another and engage in activities that promote wellness and provide healthy outlets to minimize anxiety, fear and apprehension related to cancer survival.

Program Offerings

  • Support group meetings for various types of cancers, based on age, gender and background (i.e., young cancer survivors, working professionals, survivors with young children, etc.)

  • Meet-ups for cancer survivors to get together and engage group activities such as hiking events, cooking classes, family beach days and survivor volunteer days

  • Through partnerships with local service providers, offer opportunities and information on one-day adventures for survivors who want to experience “bucket-list” activities

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